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Welcome to GET more than FIT

Do you feel like you’re not living up to your full potential?

Are you not taking care of YOU?

Do you not like where you are in life?

I know what it’s like to question your worth, to wonder if you deserve it, to wonder if you’re strong enough?


I found my strong and I’m here to help you find yours.

I began by changing my outside through exercise and nutrition but I got so much more than just being FIT.

I found ME!

I realized that the old unhappy me was not only hurting me but it was hurting my marriage and my parenting. It was affecting everything around me. I soon realized that if I’m not happy then those around me wouldn’t be either. I realized I not only needed to make a change for ME but I needed to make a change for my FAMILY.

Finding out that I AM strong inside and out completely changed my life. I now find my strong everyday by being the best version of me by working out, helping others find their strong and by always growing and getting better through personal development.

A little more into my life:

I am a married, a mom of 2 beautiful kids and 2 amazing pets. I am happy, confident, strong and grateful for life. Before I found my STRONG I was unhappy, depressed, overweight, my marriage was falling apart and I felt like a horrible mother. I was mad and angry at how my life was turning out. I blamed everyone and everything for my unhappiness until I finally realized it was ME who was to blame. I decided to stop blaming and start doing. I stopped feeling guilty for spending time on me. I realized if I wanted to be a better mom, wife, daughter, friend or coach, I (ME) needed to be happy first. I tried the gym but found it hard to get there with 2 kids, work and with little help so I decided to purchase P90X, a home workout program. I found a coach who connected me to a community of people who pushed me, inspired me, supported me and who knew exactly what it was going to take. I lost 25 lbs, I got my confidence back and signed up as a coach in hopes to help others like me. Coaching gave me a purpose and allows me to share my passion and inspiration. Bottom line – I got more than JUST FIT! I found my STRONG inside and out!

Let me help you find your STRONG and GET FIT INSIDE & OUT!

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